Type of Wood & Finishing

Monkey pod, acacia, rain tree,
chamcha wood, (Albizia Saman)

Our tables are exclusively manufactured with sustainable acacia wood that cut down with documented permission and that is certified by the Royal Thai Forest Authority.

We air dry slabs first and than put them in a kiln for 40-60 days. Air drying allows to preserve original grain pattern and kiln dry brings slabs to 12%-15% moisture content.

We are using industrial CNC router machine for leveling slabs instead of using plane flattening. This give us extra flatten surface which later after sanding brings out all grain pattern perfectly.

Thai golden Acacia wood has a gorgeous grain pattern from light yellow and brown to dark brown with yellow and black stripes like in black acacia species which grown in a dry environments.

Acacia slabs can be very wide, (up to 8 feet ), and extremely long, (up to 34 feet).

The thickness is usually 3-4 inches for secure possible bending and cupping. Most of our tables are single slab but we also do make laminated tables from two or three planks.

For more than ten years we have honed our skills in finishing tables with acrylic resin. Now we can coat large surfaces of single slab tables with acrylic high gloss resin.

The advantages of acrylic finish is its outstanding durability to scratches and hot liquids. You can use your table outside the house and do not worry about weather damage to it.

We also use hand oiled finish as well. Tung oil or Danish oil bring warm feeling and gorgeous looking to the surface of your table.

Acacia Wood

Salvaged wild grown Macassar ebony wood
(Diospyros celebica)

Our company has a stock of unique salvaged wild grown Macassar ebony slabs.

Some of our slabs are 9 feet long and 43 inches wide.

Such a rare size wild grown ebony wood slabs you can find only on a special Japanese wood auctions. We collected our stock during last ten years meticulously searching out ebony wood in a remote jungle villages of Burma and Laos.

We are making our Macassar ebony wood tables using gems and brass or silver inlays.

LTJ arbor Wooden Tables 2
Macassar Ebony Wood

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