The Selection

Sustainable acacia wood, (Albizia saman, Monkey pod tree in Thailand), and salvaged Macassar ebony wood.

For our dining tables, coffee tables, side tables and console tables we carefully select live edge sustainable golden acacia slabs subjected to air dry for several months first and 40 days kiln dry before finishing process. We also collect rare pieces of old salvaged teak and Macassar ebony wood travelling all over South East Asia. That is why every item of our furniture is unique and has its own character.

What's so special?

Better than any visual

The enigma and prosperity of our tabletops is the finishing process. After drying the slabs we do leveling them with indusrrial CNC router machine to obtain extra flatten surface which is a crucial point in finishing process. We make clear acrylic high gloss coating for heavy duty use of our dining tables. If you prefer natural and organic finishing we can offer hand oiled finish. Processing time for acrylic resin coating is 250-300 hours of handwork.
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Casting Legs

500 years old Thai traditional technique

We supply our dining tables with bronze or aluminium casting legs. Production process is based on 500 years old Thai traditional technique. Totally handcrafted and polished legs added more exclusivity to our tables.

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